Saturday was Vahid’s birthday. It was the perfect day for spending indoors, preferably with a cup of hot cocoa. We started the day the way we do every Saturday. We had a breakfast date.

Cuban breakfast is pretty darn good, even for someone who doesn’t like black beans. And I had the best hot chocolate in town there. That’s a high standard to beat.

Café con leche, y chocolate

We saw the new Thor movie and later met his family for dinner. We finished by going to a new bar for some birthday cocktails.

Sometimes the simplest celebrations are the best because they are spent with your best friend.

Vahid assures me that it was a great birthday which makes me glad because I am very glad that we was born for me to meet.

Happy birthday honey, here’s to another great year with you.

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Saturday was the perfect day. The weather was wonderful, refreshing with a chill in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon.


It made the perfect day for outdoor adventures.

Rushing water

I love this place. The city and the beauty that lies just beyond. I’ve never been far from beautiful places but somehow it feels like I’ve never appreciated them until I moved up here and learned to really see just how beautiful the world is.

Saturday evening was spent with wonderful friends. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. It was good. It was something I needed.

This means something
Sometimes life is really just perfect.

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This morning did not have the great start I thought it would. I made all these mental plans and when I actually woke up they fell apart.

The one bright side was that I actually made it to work on time, even though I still clocked in late because it takes me three minutes to clock in. (I timed it once.)

I’m trying to develop better habits and it’s been a struggle. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a perpetual backslide but I think I’m inching towards them.

I made cupcakes last night for my boss’s birthday Wednesday. I volunteered because if I made them then I could control the ingredients that goes into them. It’s sounds snobby but I’m trying to eat healthier and I’d rather have a healthy cupcake than try and fight the urge to eat an unhealthy one. It’s all part of that developing better habits bit.

You have to know what battles you can win and which you can’t.

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“That’s the French pronunciation. Not Spanish,” Vahid tells me after I repeated my phrase.

“Whatever. It’s not English so close enough,” I roll my eyes.

I haven’t spoken French in nearly seven years but now that I’m learning Spanish I find myself naturally falling into that accent.

It’s funny the things your body remembers. I couldn’t tell you anything in the language but I can pronounce the words.

I have settled into a routine finally. I have days I do laundry or clean. Saturday mornings are usually always market mornings. It’s nice.

There was a giant thunder and lightning storm a few days ago. Lightning touched down about 2 miles from where I lived, hitting a tree. I wished I woke up enough to watch instead of going back to sleep.

I’m no longer a temp employee and despite the bumps I have now I do enjoy the work enough for now. However it’s made me realize that I don’t want this to be my job a year from now or five.

I’ve started looking at grad schools, again. I feel like I’ve made going harder because I was a mediocre student. We’ll see. I miss school, even the parts I hated I miss now that there’s the possibility I could be done forever. I kind of thinking if I go back I’d want to do it online if I can so I can work full time. But I won’t be going for about a year so I have time to figure it out.

Do you ever just feel like your on hold, waiting for something? I feel that way all the time now. I pushed back the wedding date by a year so we could save up for it. I’m no closer to a decision about grad school. I’m working a job but not starting a career.

I’ve been throwing ideas for a story around. Maybe I’ll actually finish it instead of getting halfway and writing distracted and leaving it to do something else.

Fall is looming; the leaves are changing. Maybe I feel this way because the seasons are changing.

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This isn’t what I pictured

I remember wondering how I’d adjust to working full time. I’ve never been an early riser. I had to start thinking of easily portable foods for lunches.

It turns out that 7am isn’t really all that early once you get used to it. The days go by just fine. Lunch is made for me by the time I leave and I have my choice to drive or take the MAX.

I worried about not having enough time. If I worked all week how will the place stay clean? I silently lamented that this means no more summer adventures because I would be working all the time.

We’ve still had adventures discovering new farmers markets, bookstores, coffee places. We enjoy the time more somehow because there is less of it. I know that our schedules differ and while we might not be able to go on any extended adventures we seem to cram a lot into every Saturday we have.

This isn’t how I pictured my adulthood but it’s pleasantly enjoyable. I wouldn’t trade the life I have for the one I imagined. I like where this is headed.

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