Healthy Life

Healthy is Happy

It’s so simple. How healthy you directly affects how happy you tend to be and vice versa. This was something I had to learn and am in fact still learning. While this is not true for every single person out there, there is a reason why exercise always seems to find itself on those “How to Boost Your Happiness” articles.

I notice as I’m on this health journey that when I eat healthier and exercise regularly and take those extra steps in treating my body with love I tend to be happier throughout the day. When I eat good, whole, foods instead of zipping through the to-go lane at a fast food restaurant, I enjoy myself more. Sure I crave junk food every once in a while. But I notice when I take the time to give myself what I need, instead of just what I want, my energy levels are higher, I have less (if any) headaches, my moods are more stable. Also the less I eat junk, the less I crave it.

It’s still hard on a daily basis to change my focus from all the things that are “wrong” to the parts of my life that are truly wonderful. It’s true that I’m not where I had hoped I’d be at this time. I let myself relapse into old habits that are detrimental to my wellbeing. But with the Spring I am starting anew. I’m turning my focus to creating a life that is healthy and happy, not just a body that fits into my “skinny” jeans.

While that sounds all fine and dandy on paper, it’s a lot harder to accomplish in actuality. Now that I pay attention more to the thoughts I think about myself I notice just how damaging I am to myself. Working on changing that self-dialogue has proved to be much harder than sticking to a workout schedule (something I haven’t been so great at either).

One saying I came across recently that I have taken to heart is

If you wouldn’t say to a friend, don’t say it to yourself.

This has become my mantra as of late. When I realize that I am in the midst of tearing myself down I try to remember to meditate on this for a moment. If I wouldn’t tell my friend that she is super dumb I shouldn’t tell myself that. I’m not dumb it was a mistake. If I wouldn’t tell my friend that she is just fat and gross I shouldn’t tell myself that. I have extra fat, I am not fat. The list goes on.

Since I’ve learned to start looking at my health as more than the number on the scale I have learned so much about myself, including the areas where I need the most self love. By working on improving those areas of my life I have seen amazing things happen. Doors have opened up to me in ways I couldn’t have imagined simply because I stopped filling my universe with self-hate. It’s been wonderful.

Be kind to yourself today. It goes a lot farther than you think.

Let me know what you think!