Shot of Joy

Shot of Joy 13

Winter hiking!

-having a lot of energy in the mornings – walking to work, even in the rain – the crispness of the air after a rain – the bright sunny days – the weather in general has been quite nice – savoring a warm drink on a chilly morning –

-ginger – visiting the Japanese Gardens for free thanks to my Lan Su Membership – getting my library card – using the library app to read several e-books – all the comics I’ve been reading lately – the Birds of Prey series – Friday morning reading dates –

Spent the afternoon reading and drinking a chai with hemp milk. Nice way to spend a Friday.

-really focusing on my health – learning how certain foods affect me – still going strong on vastly limiting the amount of sugar I’m eating – not feeling tempted by all the treats at work anymore – keeping up with consistent workouts – feeling stronger –

-feeling really positive about some things that are happening, even if it means I’m in a difficult situation now – feeling like the universe is pointing me a really great direction –

Had a rough day today so I bought myself a little treat. #treatyoself #notcake

What things are giving you joy right now? How’s your week been going?

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  1. The reduction of sugars and more exercise is what provides the increased energy. I’ve been good lately with keeping my sugar intake, but every once in a while, a Rockstar energy drink or a sale on gummy worms fucks it up for a day or two. Plus, the lack of working out at the gym doesn’t help, either. Trying to kick it into gear with working out at home and getting into a habit before rejoining a gym. Right now, it’s just a waste of money and effort.

    As for what does give me joy? The relief of not being at my old job and that I’m appreciated at the new job.

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