Happiness in Life

Here’s What I Know

Here’s what I know:

  • The sun has finally come out after approximately 2.89 billion years
  • My apartment is very loud with all the windows open
  • Mosley, the cat, is truly the angriest animal I have ever known
  • It’s still too cold and wet to properly grow strawberries
  • I love writing poetry
  • I am terrible at writing poetry
  • Maybe I’m not done with this writing on the internet thing after all

So, hello, it’s me. How are you, you big beautiful internet, you?


  1. A nice surprise to see this blog post. I’m glad you posted again.

    Mosley angry? He has no reason to be, as spoiled as he is.

    Cold… i’m done with cold. In fact, spring temps that are in the 40’s for the low need to stop. Getting a nice break here for the next 4 days of lows in the 50’s (and a high of 85 for Friday).

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