And I then I said, let’s blow this joint and he just smiled.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. I know this because I am taking probably the mostĀ intriguingĀ and heartbreaking class. COMM 317–Communicating about Violence and Children.

I have been surrounding myself with tragic stories, at the moment sex trafficking and sexual slavery. It’s for our group project, which by the way my members are AMAZING. Seriously grateful this term for those lovely ladies and the one lone gentleman.

Anyway this post has a point other than to bore you and make you sad.

I’ve been emailing with an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in years and after I told her about school and how I was thinking about changing my major (AGAIN) or doubling up she made fun of me (and after I stopped being a baby and realized she’s right, I am a bit crazy) and asked to what.

Social work.

Yes, I do like Sociology. Yes the classes are fun and I would enjoy getting my degree but honestly? What the crap can I do with that other than go to grad school and later teach?

When I first went to college I wanted to major in Pre-Med before I realized that’s pretty much just fancy Biology. Why?

It wasn’t because I wanted to be a Doctor and drive a fancy car (although I did always tell myself that the first thing I would buy was an apple computer, heh) but because I wanted to be part of Doctors Without Borders. I wanted to travel everywhere and cure people and make a difference.

Which brings me back to Social Work. I will never major in Biology again (although I do miss it sometimes) because I hate Chemistry with a passion of a thousand suns and I can’t bring myself to repeat the two years I already took in California. But that doesn’t meant that I am doomed to forever regret never being a part of something that gives back. Part of something that makes a difference.

I love Vahid because he supports me in whatever I choose to do. I told him that I was thinking all of this and he replied, “okay, do it if it’ll make you happy.”

Then I told him how would he would feel about moving to another country so I could teach English for a year. “Sure, where do you want to go?”

I might not have everything figured out. I’m twenty-three, how am I supposed to have everything figured out? But I do know that I want to do something. Which I guess a lot of people don’t see about me. I have a crass sense of humor, yes. I am blunt and often will rub people the wrong way, I know this about myself. But I also know that I am not all a negative person, I am not the complainer who is never happy.

I have a good life with a wonderful partner who will always support my half-cocked ideas. Yes he tells me when I am being wrong or when I need to “grow up.” But he is always supportive of everything I do and of who I am and of who I am becoming.

Because this girl? I am pretty sure I am going to love her, even if she still manages to do the wrong thing.

So…I guess now I just need to take the next step and make it happen.

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18 Responses to And I then I said, let’s blow this joint and he just smiled.

  1. Dave2 says:

    Doctors Without Borders is my favorite charity. Many many days I wish I had the medical background to say goodbye to my life and join up.

  2. I think it’s awesome. It takes a while to figure out what feels right. I think if you know that, even a little, at 23, you’re ahead of the curve. Yay!
    LongStoryLonger´s last blog post ..At Home

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! Part of my problem with settling on one thing is that I want to do everything! But at least I’m sticking to one direction, for now at least. :)

  3. vahid says:

    Baby, I’m thirty-three and I’m still figuring a lot of this out. But I am glad that you and I get to figure a lot of it out together.

  4. sizzle says:

    Vahid is right- we’re always trying to figure it out. I remember being 23- one of my favorite years, actually, and that’s when I found myself drawn to learning women’s self defense. I spent a year getting certified. Best decision because while it pushed me, it also shaped me. Such a rewarding thing! The worst thing you can do is not try out new things that interest you. Maybe find somewhere to volunteer? Social work is some of the hardest work out there but the people who get into it do it because they care. There’s lots more you can do with a sociology degree. And here’s a secret- 90% of the time it doesn’t matter what your actual B.A. is in, just that you have one.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh I know there’s lots I can do with a Sociology degree but I can’t do social work. I need a specific social work degree to do that which is why I am kind of wondering to stick with Soc or go that route.

      Well I was but I talked it over with Vahid and I am getting my Soc degree and then if I still decide to go with social work do a post-bac for that (since I’m only about a year away from getting that and I have to wait a year to apply to the school of social work).

      I’m also looking at some volunteer opportunities. Just waiting until Fall so I can work a lot less and actually fit them in with school..

  5. Sybil Law says:

    23 – man, I miss that age!
    You can do whatever the hell you want – and I have no doubt that you’ll make a difference.
    Sybil Law´s last blog post ..Stream of Consciousness Or Something

  6. Poppy says:

    Figure out where you want to go and make it happen! And by make it happen I mean use your friends and family for all their contacts to help you realize your dream. If you needed a contact in China I could help you out. Other places are probably for others to help with, but if China makes your heart sing let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help you get from here to there.
    Poppy´s last blog post ..SEDUCTION! SEDUCTION!

    • Sarah says:

      Oh thank you Poppy! I have no idea where I want to go yet, mainly because I want to go everywhere!

      But if I do end up with China (and I do want to go visit so much!) I will definitely be sending an email your way. :)

  7. Janelle says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea! And your boyfriend? Amazing! You are one lucky girl!

  8. kirida says:

    It’s really wonderful you have someone who gives you the space to explore. And that’s what college is about–a journey into what pulls your heart and what will prepare you for life after college. I would have loved to have taught english in another country or at least do Teach for America, but by the time those options were offered, I wasn’t in a position to accept. I’m so excited for you wherever you go!
    kirida´s last blog post ..diets for elephants

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! I’m starting to figure that whole “exploring college” thing out, especially since I never felt that at my community college. I am excited for me too and I hope that this is something I am meant to do.

  9. Becky says:

    Social work is a great degree, you can go in so many different directions with it. Whatever you decide to do and whenever you decide it, it will be right for you. I’m still deciding if I want to pursue my Master’s next year. My stupid state changed degree requirements, to be an NP I need to have a PhD.

    Anyways, you’re gonna be great with whatever you do :)
    Becky´s last blog post ..Remembering

    • Sarah says:

      Don’t you hate when they change stuff and you are so close to your goal? Makes me crazy!

      Thanks for the words, lady. I always take what you say to heart!

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