Wham Bam, Who Shot Sam? My, My.

There’s a bowling alley in the basement. We donned shoes and picked out balls and set to work.

It has become something of a ritual, a way to pass the time, to enjoy the day. I sneak it in-between classes and it breaks up the monotony that is sitting and taking notes.

Next week we are hitting the pool tables.

That’s all to say that everything is fine. It’s as it should be; the days keep passing and we find ways to smile and enjoy the time. But that’s not to say that there hasn’t been tensions too.

This term is hard. Harder than I expected in ways that I wasn’t expecting. One class that I can’t graduate without is being more than a headache. It involves volunteering at a high school tutoring in their after school program. Well the program has just begun this term and needless to say there are some bugs. The problem is not that it’s an imperfect system but rather that the higher ups refuse to see it as a work in progress and want to know why, why, why the children are attending, are not getting help, are not getting A’s.

I just have five more weeks so it’s manageable, it’s just not what I wanted to deal with.

Spring term is nearly here and then I have one more term and it will be over. School will officially be done and then. What? What comes next?

I haven’t the slightest idea.

I haven’t thought about the future. My concerns are immediate at the moment. I want to live in the city, in a new apartment, new jobs all around, a new figure, the list goes on. (As a side note, I am down 12 lbs so that last is coming to fruition, just a bit more slowly than I’d like.)

I want something to change and for once the change to be for the better. I think it’s about time.

Did I mention that our water was shut off and the office “forgot” to inform us? It’s back on now, but still it’s not great trying to brush your teeth with no running water.

I’ve made goals. Big fat lofty goals. I wrote them on paper but I don’t want to write them here. I’m not ready to share them with the world.

But this has to be the year for change. It’s all been the same for far too long.

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8 Responses to Wham Bam, Who Shot Sam? My, My.

  1. Sybil Law says:

    It may seem to be looming in the near distance, but the time will go quicker than you think. Just kick ass in school, take some time out for yourself, and breathe. You’ve totally got this.

  2. claire says:

    It’s good to keep goals to yourself sometimes, let’s you stay excited and hungry for them without the flotsam of naysayers. Good luck! You can do it!

    Also, bowling and pool are awesome. :)
    claire´s last blog post ..Don’t use trade agreements to mess with the internet! Stop ACTA & TPP

  3. vahid says:

    I think Claire pretty much nailed it.
    vahid´s last blog post ..it’s the story of my goddamned life

  4. martymankins says:

    I read this post and thought of making bowling goals. Mine is to break 200 before this long ass league is done at the end of April (it started the first week of September).

    Seriously, writing items down is the key to at least wanting to complete things in life.
    martymankins´s last blog post ..Love and Hate

    • Sarah says:

      Man, I would love to get a strike at least once a game. That would be my perfect goal!

      It so is, I’ve written everything out and a timeline (as best I could).

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