Shot of Joy 14

Prettiest tart at the market and the perfect thing after a rushed lap session. (Or so I am telling myself today.)
– strawberries showing up at the market – the slowly warming weather – spending Saturday swimming laps then perusing the market at PSU – the lap pool at PSU Rec Center – learning to swim correctly – prescription goggles – actually seeing in the pool –
Loving my new gym bag. All packed and ready for the am. Now hopefully the Rec Center pool won't have an unexpected closure.
– starting up my yoga practice again – working out before work, even when that means getting up before 6am – mostly having a flexible schedule to allow me to do things like attend a yoga class – lemongrass tea –
Stamps for invitations? ??
– my new essential oil diffuser – filling my place with calming and relaxing essential oil mixes – not making a bunch of weekend plans to recharge – my car, it’s perfect for our needs – not having a bunch of stress from wedding planning – feeling better overall, even with a recent anxiety episode – the sun that’s outside right now –

Spring Escape

With my new work schedule I only work Monday through Thursday. I get a three day weekend at the end of every week. This past Monday was Memorial Day and the office was closed. Vahid also scored a four day weekend and that meant only one thing. We had to get away for a quick vacation.

Lighthouse on the rocks
We headed South to the California Coast. We stayed in a funky little motel made out of a single redwood tree. The coast was a short walk away. It wasn’t warm enough to swim but it was warm enough to walk with my feet in the water.
The fog rolled in thick and fast that first night. It hovered around for a couple hours in the morning but the afternoon was warm and bright. I spent that day hiking among the redwoods and finding a hidden beach. It was amazing being among trees that are older than the founding of this country.
We walked the sea wall in the bay, despite the signs saying “Danger.” We saw a group of grey whales playing in the bay within feet of the Light House we were at. It was amazing to be so close to amazing animals.

Driving among the mountains, the sun and trees whizzing by, was dreamy. We saw an elk herd grazing in the sun. Driving further down the road we actually came within fifteen feet of more elk. It was so great to be so close. They are amazing animals, huge and powerful.
Once our time in the California sun was done we headed up the 101 to the Southern Oregon beaches. Bandon by-the-sea is a cute town and apparently a popular fishing spot for salmon. We headed to the botanical gardens in Coos Bay, which is worth the stop if you ever find yourself in that part of the world. It’s a beautiful garden by the ocean.
The trip ended too soon. There wasn’t enough time among the redwoods, enough time with the ocean, enough time breathing in the universe. As short as the trip was it was the perfect spring trip.

It was refreshing, wonderful, and I feel like I have been rejuvenated by the earth. I spent a lot of time in contact with the earth, feeling her power. I took so many photos that will never quite capture the beauty of it all.
It was a great weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my birthday. It was perfect.